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Award-Winning Better Dog Lands on Shelves at Chicago Grocery Stores Marking In-Store Retail Debut for Better Balance

Better Balance, a subsidiary of Sigma, headquartered in Spain and Mexico, announced recently that its Better Dog™ is now available at a number of Chicago grocery markets, including Cermak Fresh Market, Pete’s Market, and Tony’s Fresh Market.

While the brand has previously focused on foodservice, with partnerships including Chicago’s Kale My Name restaurant and the Sushi Roll restaurant chain in Mexico, this launch marks the brand’s debut in traditional in-store retail.

The favored plant dog in multiple regions

The Better Dog, created with pea protein and free from gluten and soy, was first introduced in Spain in 2022. Five months later it became the number one selling product in the hot dog and sausage category, claims the brand. Additionally, upon its introduction at Kale My Name, the product sold out within its first week on the menu, according to Better Balance, which claims furthermore that during taste tastes across the US, the Better Dog emerged as the preferred choice for taste, texture, and overall experience when compared to some of the most nationally recognized competitors in the market and category.

To date, Better Dog has received numerous awards including “Best Product” in the plant-based category at Men’s Health Spain’s 2023 Innovation Awards, “Product of the Year” by Gran Premio a la Innovaciónand Product of the Year” by Sabor Del Año.

Better balance x kale my name
Image supplied by Kale My Name

Rave reviews

Notably, Better Balance recently announced a partnership with New York’s Chunk Foods whereby Chunk is set to develop a new line of co-branded plant-based whole-cut meats for the Latin American market, a development certainly worth watching in light of Chunk’s success with its vegan steak in various high-end US restaurants.

“As we continue our goal of making Better Balance’s delicious plant-based products available to everyone, partnering with Cermak, Pete’s, and Tony’s is a fantastic start,” said Ana Guerra, Head of US for Better Balance. “The Better Dog™ has received rave reviews from both food service partners and consumers, and we’re thrilled that these markets have picked us up just in time for the start of grilling season. We’re excited to see our retail footprint expand in the coming year and our products available to consumers beyond Chicago!”

The Better Dog is now available for purchase in two sizes: the Jumbo Pack, featuring a 2-count package of jumbo-sized hot dogs, and the Classic Pack, offering a 5-count package of standard-sized hot dogs. These products can be found at Pete’s Market, Cermak Fresh Market, and Tony’s Fresh Market locations in the Greater Chicago Area.

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