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Coop Switzerland Launches Betty Bossi Plant Kitchen Range, States it Has Largest Plant-Based Selection in Swiss Retail

Coop Switzerland states that it currently offers more than 2,200 vegetarian or vegan-labelled food products in its range, of which over 1,900 are vegan, claiming that this represents the largest plant-based selection in the Swiss retail trade. Coop’s offering includes over 100 vegan meat and fish alternatives, more than 50 milk alternatives, 40 vegan yogurt alternatives, and around 30 vegan cheese alternatives, many of which under its own-brand label Betty Bossi.

Betty Bossi and Coop are now combining their vegetarian and vegan alternatives under one product line called “Betty Bossi Plant Kitchen” which replaces Coop’s own brands Délicorn and Yolo. The line will include spaghetti bolognese, nuggets, and sliced vegan deli meats which will gradually roll out from this month onwards.

Independent alternatives, not animal replicas

In line with current and emerging food trends, Betty Bossi Food Consultant Andreas Halter states that Betty Bossi Plant Kitchen is not simply focused on recreating exact replicas of animal-based counterparts, but the aim is to develop products that are “independent alternatives” in addition to those that are close to their animal counterparts. “What’s important is a balanced flavour, a pleasant texture and an appealing look, says Halter.

Betty Bossi bulgar mix
© Coop

“Meat alternatives are no longer niche products, but are bought by a broad section of the population,” comments Coop Brand Manager Ivana Guggisberg. “The new branding emphasises that vegetarian and vegan alternatives are now part of the normal diet,” she adds.

All Betty Bossi Plant Kitchen products are certified as vegan or vegetarian by Swissveg with the V-Label and carry the Eco-Score, which Coop uses to declare the environmental impact of a food product.

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