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Juicy Marbles’ Famous Plant-Based Filet Mignon Arrives at All UK Whole Foods Stores

Slovenian company Juicy Marbles, a pioneer of 100% plant-based marbled whole cuts, announces that its famous plant-based filet mignon — the Thick-Cut Filet — is now available at Whole Foods stores across the UK. 

This initiative marks the first-ever launch of the famous vegan steaks in Whole Foods and the company’s second supermarket listing in the country following a successful deal with Waitrose in June. 

The Thick-Cut Filet will be available in a two-piece package for £10.99. The steaks come raw and unseasoned, allowing customers to use any recipe and cooking method: fried, grilled, stewed, and even boiled for broth. Notably, the product has a Nutri-Score A. 

“When reviewing our plant-based protein category there was a gap for a premium plant-based cut,” said Daniel Gill, Senior Local Forager at Whole Foods UK.

A filet mignon served with potatoes and ac creamy sauce.
© Juicy Marbles

Support from the UK

Over the past decade, meat consumption in the UK has reached the lowest level since records began. This trend has led to a significant surge in demand for premium plant-based meat products at Whole Foods, a high-end supermarket known for its quality offerings.

“Juicy Marbles has gotten so much support from the UK”

Reflecting consumer interest in meat alternatives, Juicy Marbles sales exceeded “all expectations” at Waitrose. During a two-week trial in 270 Waitrose stores in February, 86% of the stock sold out in 4 days. Then, when the filet mignon product was on permanent run (following the long-term supply deal), sales performed “exceptionally well,” explains the food tech company.

Luka Sinček, co-founder of Juicy Marbles, says: The whole of my heart is full of love for Whole Foods and, indeed, the British people. Juicy Marbles has gotten so much support from the UK— from retail listings to cookbook features with some of the island’s best chefs. Now, Whole Foods is helping us take another big step toward making prime plant meats a retail normality and, thus, a ubiquitous kitchen staple.”

A filet mignon on a frying pan
© Juicy Marbles

Unique vegan options 

Besides these listings, the company has been shipping limited releases of its unique products for customers and food service on a D2C basis across Europe, the UK, and the US.  

Last December, the food tech company launched via its website a beef-style loin claimed as the biggest piece of plant-based meat ever conceived for its UK customers. And recently, it launched (for a limited time) its latest development, Bone-in Ribs — the world’s first plant-based ribs with edible bones — which, according to the company, garnered a waitlist of over 13,000 customers in less than two weeks. 

Juicy Marbles’ plant-based whole cuts were ranked among the Top 100 Products of 2022 by Gear Patrol and were the #1 pick of 2022 by VegNews’ Finer Things Club. 

“When trying Juicy Marbles’ steaks at home for the first time, I prepared it similarly to how I would a regular steak, and as a sceptic of meat alternatives, I was astounded! It develops a rich golden brown crust which imparts a nice smokey, savoury, umami flavour. It will be a staple at future dinner parties as the vegan option!” adds Gill.

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