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New Zealand: Berkano Foods to Secure Nationwide Distribution

As the demand for plant-based foods continues to grow globally, New Zealand company Berkano Foods has its sights set on nationwide Distribution.

Berkano claims to be New Zealand’s leading vegan ready meal manufacturer. Established in 2017, it distributes frozen vegan ready-to-eat meals to the Christchurch area but is set to widen its delivery service to cover all of New Zealand. The Southland Times reports that Berkano is hoping to secure a distribution deal with Foodstuffs, which should result in its products being delivered across New World supermarkets

The Christchurch-based business was founded by Britteny Bryan with her partner Nick Harlow after they became vegan, and with their busy lives struggled to find plant-based foods that are quick and easy, both with carry-out options and in the supermarket.

Presently Christchurch customers visit the website and choose the meals they want and the size (regular or large). Meals are sent out twice a week in chilltainers (insulated cardboard boxes) and reusable ice-packs to keep them frozen and are delivered straight to the customer the next morning, using an overnight freight.

The Berkano Foods website states that they specialize in delivering high quality, gourmet dishes. Meals are guaranteed to be cruelty-free, vegan and delicious. Berkano is 100% owned and operated by vegans.

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