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Planted’s Fermented Steak Arrives in Swiss & German Retail

Following the successful launch of its fermented steak in the catering trade in March, Swiss food tech pioneer Planted is now also launching its fermented steak in the retail sector in Switzerland at Coop and in Germany at REWE. The planted.steak is made exclusively from natural ingredients and, according to the company, has an unmistakable umami flavour.

According to Planted, the use of fermentation technology also enables it to process other plant-based protein sources and improve the wholesomeness and flavour experience of its products. This overcomes the previous limitations of using alternative proteins.

The steak is made exclusively from natural ingredients such as soy protein, rapeseed oil, bean and rice flour and a special mixture of microbial cultures. It has a high protein and fibre content, contains important micronutrients such as vitamin B12 and iron and has a low saturated fat content.

Planted steak launches in retail
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Developed with restaurateurs

During the research and development process, Planted says it worked with more than 50 restaurateurs to develop a steak that is unrivalled in terms of flavour, texture, processing and taste experience. “Our planted.steak is designed to satisfy even the most discerning palates. This is a real game changer – not just for us, but for the entire industry,’ says Planted co-founder Lukas Böni. ‘No other plant-based steak uses only natural ingredients, no additives and is characterised by such juiciness and tenderness.’

The planted.steak has been available to eat in several European restaurants since March 2024. In Switzerland, for example, in well-known restaurants such as the Kronenhalle and the Lindenhofkeller. At the end of May, Planted announced a new collaboration with the Swiss menu manufacturer HOFMANNs to introduce four new innovative recipes for plant-based cuisine. HOFMANNs is now offering the new menu options Planted Kebab ‘Thai Style’, Planted Bratwurst ‘Curry Style’, Planted Kebab ‘Chilli Style’ and Planted Bolognese.

Manuel Schettler, Managing Director at HOFMANNs, commented: ‘Our product development team paid particular attention to offering a wholesome alternative to animal meat without compromising on flavour and quality. The result has exceeded our expectations and emphasises the many possibilities that a plant-based diet can offer.”

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