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Price Parity Trend Continues in Europe: Salling Group and Lidl Hungary & Denmark Announce Drop in Plant-Based Food Prices

Article updated 12th Jan: The price drop has also been carried out by Lidl in Denmark which states, “With the campaign ‘The choice is yours’, Lidl will focus on the vegan range in all Lidl stores in the coming months. Lidl will price-match the prices of vegan private-label products under the Vemondo brand with comparable animal products.”

The trend of retailers dropping prices of plant-based products, to reach parity or lower than their animal equivalents, continues in Europe, with Lidl Hungary and Denmark’s Salling Group this week joining the list of retailers helping to promote the adoption of plant-based diets.

Last October, Lidl Germany announced a 20% drop in price for its Vemondo plant-based range to reach piece parity with similar animal products. The move was followed by various supermarket chains in mainland Europe, including Kaufland, Aldi Süd, Penny, BILLA, and Jumbo. So far, to our understanding, UK and North American retailers have yet to join this forward-thinking initiative that benefits both businesses and consumers.

Lidl Hungary – same price as animal products

Lidl Hungary has announced that it is dropping the prices of some of the products of its Vemondo range to offer consumers affordable, sustainable choices starting this month.

According to the retailer, some plant-based alternatives will have the same price as animal products. The reduced-price products include pizza, sandwich toppings, organic oat drinks, vegan yogurt, and vegan sausages. 

The retailer trend of dropping plant-based meat prices continues in Europe, with Lidl Hungary and Denmark's Salling Group joining to promote the adoption of plant-based diets.
© Lidl Hungary

Lidl launched its vegan brand, Vemondo, back in 2020 to offer a wider alternative for vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based consumers. The brand is a three-time winner at the International V-Label Awards, in various categories.

In addition, last February,  Lidl revealed plans to pursue a more sustainable business strategy for 2025, focusing on reducing the number of animal-based products in its offering and increasing its range of vegetable proteins.

“From January, you will find some of our Vemondo products on our shelves at the same price as their animal counterparts! Vegetable proteins and products are an important part of a conscious diet. In this context, from January […] vegan products and their animal equivalents will be available at the same price!” says Lidl Hungary on its website.

A woman at a supermarket's register
© Salling Group

Salling Group – discount on 100 products

Meanwhile, the Salling Group, Denmark’s largest retailer (market share around 34%), has announced that its chain stores Netto, Føtex, and Bilka are reducing the price, at least 10 percent, of 100 different plant-based products — all alternatives to animal foods.

“…we have a desire to inspire customers even more to try alternatives to meat dishes”  

The move is part of the Group’s 18% price reduction in over 100 everyday items to help consumers fight inflation. However, it now targets plant-based foods. Salling Group also announced plans to increase the number of plant-based products, aiming to double its turnover by the end of 2025.

According to the Salling Group, Bilka won the Vegetarian Society of Denmark’s award as the Year’s Plant-Based Supermarket for five consecutive years for offering the market’s largest selection, while Netto and Føtex have won awards for selection, growth, and price.  

“As part of our climate ambition, we aim to give customers the opportunity to reduce their climate footprint, and we can do this by ensuring a large supply of plant-based goods and by lowering prices. In addition, we have a desire to inspire customers even more to try alternatives to meat dishes,” says Henrik Vinther Olesen, Communications and Sustainability Director at Salling Group.

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