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Switzerland’s First Upcycled Food Brand brewbee Rolls Out into Coop Stores

Food upcycling instead of food waste: brewbee wants to conquer the Swiss market with its sustainable foods created with spent grain from the beer industry. Coop will now carry the brand’s muesli, pizzas, potato chips, and meat alternatives, throughout Switzerland.

The startup transforms the byproducts of traditional beer brewing into high-quality foods. Spent grain, brewer’s yeast, soft beer and pithy secondary wort are processed in Appenzell into “Tschipps,” pizza, muesli and “Gschnetzlets.” These sustainably produced foods are now available at Coop stores across Switzerland.

As yet, it is barely known what can be possible with beer brewery by-products. “Brewer’s grains contain more protein and fiber than other raw materials – you feel full faster and, above all, longer,” emphasizes Simon Haas, food technologist and product developer at brewbee.

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The startup was founded by Locher Brewery in Appenzell to become Switzerland’s first food upcycling brand, transforming select brewery byproducts such as spent malt and brewer’s yeast into sustainable food and meat alternatives.

brewbee has spent years honing various techniques and recipes to set new standards in food upcycling. “We are proud to be able to stop the waste of valuable resources by processing by-products from the brewery, while at the same time using them to produce high-quality food that tastes good,” explains Aurèle Meyer, business manager at Locher Brewery.

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Simon Grieder, Head of Procurement Beverages and Specialty Stores at Coop, comments: “brewbee’s products convince us across the board and show how a Swiss innovation can have a sustainable effect against food waste. Our partnership with this startup underscores a promise we make to our customers every day: Our unwavering commitment to sustainable and innovative products.”

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