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Texan Y’alls Foods Says Amazon Sales Increased 25% in July

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Famous for its plant-based jerky line and Big Crunchy Bacony Bits, Y’alls Foods is celebrating its best month, with Amazon sales up 25% in July 2022. 

Founder and CEO Brett Christoffel says the plant-based jerky market is growing, and the better-for-you snacks, plant-based proteins, and gluten-free foods are too.

Recent SPINS data shows 59% YOY growth for plant-based meat snacks within natural and conventional grocers, reports the company.

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Excited about market growth

Amid a shaky market where many businesses are suffering due to inflation and Ukraine’s war, Texas’ alternative protein company is expanding next month into convenience stores and plans to grow its direct-to-consumer business.

“I have never been more excited or had more confirmation in the growth of the plant-based space and All Y’alls products than I have now,” commented Christoffel.

All Y’alls Foods has solid business tactics and has shown consistent growth with Amazon and traditional retailers. It has been working on significant business milestones to capture market share and diversify sales. 

“This year, we have secured more capacity to produce, so it is sky’s the limit going forward,” affirmed Brett Christoffel.

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