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UNLIMEAT Furthers its Presence in US Natural and Organic Stores as K-Food Continues to Trend

South Korean plant-based meat brand UNLIMEAT expands its US retail footprint with increased presence in the Natural and Organic Market, as interest in K-Pop and K-Foods continues to trend globally.

The fast-growing Asian company announces today the launch of its plant-based offerings into a list of natural and organic stores such as Mollie Stone’s Markets, Berkeley Bowl, Lassens Natural Foods & Vitamins in California, and Good Earth Markets in Utah

The products introduced by UNLIMEAT in Natural & Organic stores consist of three SKUs: plant-based Korean BBQ; pulled pork; and Mandu, a large Korean-style dumpling. UNLIMEAT states that the expansion into said natural & organic stores marks its most significant achievement since its debut last winter into Albertsons, one of the largest supermarket chains in the USA.


Recently UNLIMEAT also introduced a range of ready-to-heat products inspired by Korean flavors, such as frozen Kimbap co-produced with JUST Egg, and frozen rice balls, and just last month launched a line of vegan tuna made from a soybean protein that creates a texture similar to tuna, in Original, Vegetable Tuna, and Red Pepper flavors.

Home-grown success taps into Korean cravings

Headquartered in Seoul, UNLIMEAT is part of Zikooin Company, which specializes in producing plant-based meat using repurposed grains, oats, and rice that would otherwise be discarded due to aesthetic flaws. With expertise in food technology, Zikooin has developed a (reportedly) patented process known as ‘protein extrusion,’ resulting in products that closely resemble the texture of meat.

©Unlimeat/Zikooin Company

A portmanteau of ‘Unlimited Meat’, the brand draws inspiration from traditional Korean cuisines such as beef dishes and bulgogi, a staple in Korean cuisine. The brand’s continued success in its home country has seen its vegan slices roll out at all Subways in South Korea and they are also featured on vegetarian-friendly pizzas offered by Dominos.

A UNLIMEAT representative states: “We will continue to provide various options to the US market with versatile vegan products featuring healthier and cleaner ingredients, infused with a Korean touch.”

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