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UNLIMEAT Opens Online Store, Plans to Launch K-Vegan Concept Products “Beyond Plant-Based Meat and Seafood”

Alt meat producer UNLIMEAT, which creates popular products from discarded vegetables, launched online store The UNLIMEAT SHOP earlier this month, showcasing bestsellers like pulled pork and Korean BBQ, along with new offerings such as frozen kimbap and gluten-free frozen desserts.

The company, based in South Korea and the USA, states its plans to introduce limited editions, collaborative products, and popular Korean foods through the online shop, explaining that despite its retail rollouts at over 1,000 Albertsons stores across the US as well as at natural & organic stores in Northern California, there have been limitations to the range of items available in physical stores, and consumers have not previously had access to the full product lineup.

Unlimeat Korean BBQ_Bulgogi pack shot

Expanding beyond meat and seafood

UNLIMEAT says it has pipeline plans to unveil a “diverse range of K-vegan concept products, expanding beyond plant-based meat and seafood”. Through the opening of an online storefront, the company will be able to more widely disseminate innovative products such as the frozen kimbap produced in collaboration with JUST Egg as well as its top-selling gluten-free frozen dessert.

Ryan Chung, co-CEO of UNLIMEAT, comments: “We have proactively connected with customers through initiatives such as operating food trucks and participating in festivals. While customers have expressed satisfaction with our products, many have consistently mentioned the challenges of purchasing our offerings. The launch of this online shop is our proactive response to address these consumer needs and establish closer communication with our customers. We hope this serves as an opportunity to more effectively connect with a broader audience.”

Here you can read our recent Q&A with UNLIMEAT’s founder and CEO Keum Chae Min.

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