• New Heura Platform Good Rebel Tech to Produce “Nutritionally Superior Plant-Based Products”

    Alt-meat brand Heura has launched a new technological platform called Good Rebel Tech (G.R.T), which aims to produce more nutritious and sustainable plant-based foods.

    G.R.T will focus on using industry byproducts and currently non-utilised plant sources. These materials will be used in their naturally-occurring structures, in contrast to existing methods of alt-meat production which typically rely on isolating proteins from legumes or seeds.

    Nutritionally superior

    With this approach, only minimal processing will be required. The platform will also make it possible to enhance the bioavailability of nutrients occurring naturally in the plants, making it unnecessary to add extra vitamins and minerals. G.R.T is set to patent its first “nutritionally superior plant-based products” later this year.

    © Heura

    Exponential growth

    Heura is Europe’s fastest-growing alt-meat company, and last month raised €4 million in the first 12 hours of its crowdfunding campaign. In March, the company told vegconomist that its exponential growth was a sign that the future would be plant-based. Heura had a record-breaking year in 2021, doubling sales and growing its retail footprint by over 300%. 

    “Various industries ranging from energy to transportation have undergone critical technological transitions to increase sustainability, and now it’s the food industry’s turn,” said Heura CEO and co-founder Marc Coloma. “We’ve created Good Rebel Tech to pave the way for animal-meat successors that are derived directly from nature using low carbon-footprint technologies. Our aim is to leverage technology to provide holistic solutions that are more sustainable and nutritious than ever before.”

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