NovaMeat Develops World’s Largest Piece of Cellular Meat

Spanish company NovaMeat, which develops 3D printed plant-based meat, has developed the world’s largest cellular meat prototype, according to Giuseppe Scionti, bioengineer, foodtech entrepreneur and founder of NovaMeat.

“Our largest cell-based meat prototypes (or you can call them hybrid meat analogs, as we mix mammalian adipose cells with a plant-based biocompatible scaffold) reach 22500 mm3 in volume. I believe our microextrusion technology can unlock the potential of whole-cut alternative protein products,” Scionti told vegconomist Español.

© NovaMeat

In December, a Korean research center published what was believed to be the largest scaffold to support cultured meat applications. Giuseppe Scionti calculated the volume of the Korean prototype at 17000mm3, which NovaMeat has managed to surpass, making it the largest in the world.

NovaMeat also informed us that it will hold an investment round in the coming months, with the aim of expanding its technology beyond 3D printing. The goal is to reach a production speed of 100kg/h.

© NovaMeat

This month vegconomist Español reported that the Spanish government invested €250,000 in Nova Meat, which came from the NEOTEC program of the CDTI (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial). Acacia Smith, policy director at the Good Food Institute Europe, said, “This significant investment will put Spain at the forefront of plant-based meat in Europe and help facilitate the transition to a healthier and more sustainable food system, reducing prices and making these products available to all.

“Governments interested in meeting their climate change goals, protecting public health and increasing food security should follow Spain’s lead and invest in making plant-based meat delicious, affordable and convenient across Europe.”

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