Novel Concepts Develops Plant-Based “Cure” for COVID That Stops Omicron & Long Covid Symptoms

Israeli startup Novel Concepts Medical says it has made a major breakthrough in developing a plant-based treatment for COVID-19.

“Our cure can stop Omicron, the COVID-19 virus, and long COVID-19 symptoms.”

According to the company, the treatment is able to inhibit the Omicron variant of COVID-19 and block its connection to human cells. It is also claimed that the medicine can stop the virus’ progress, with some volunteers testing negative within 48 hours of taking it.

The plant-based treatment may even have benefits for sufferers of long COVID, providing relief from several symptoms. Novel Concepts Medical says the compounds used in the medicine are safe, already approved, and eco-friendly. The company is welcoming emergency testing requests from countries worldwide.

“Our cure can stop Omicron, the COVID-19 virus, and long COVID-19 symptoms. We can help reduce the high numbers of people catching COVID-19 every week. We can also help provide emergency assistance to those countries that have low vaccination rates. Our plant-based cure is safe and without any known side effects,” said founder Dr. Rachel Alkalay.

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Plant-based medications

As more consumers become concerned about the artificial and animal-derived ingredients found in many medications, some companies are looking for solutions. Genexa, which describes itself as the world’s first over-the-counter clean medicines company, raised an unprecedented $60 million in its Series A round last year. The size of the sum indicates that there is a huge demand for cleaner options.

Meanwhile, Veggiepharm is making alternatives to the 70% of medications that contain animal ingredients, while plant-based drug tests are being developed to make animal testing obsolete. These developments are welcome, as research has shown that 59% of vegans frequently reject drugs due to animal ingredients.

“When vegan patients reject a drug therapy, it is ethically understandable. Medically, however, it can become problematic, because not taking medication can impair the success of treatment and even aggravate the disease,” said pharmacist Maximilian Wilke, founder of the app whatsin my meds.

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