Fishless Sticks Schouten

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Market & Trends

Plant-Based Fish Sales Spike as “Profitable Fishing No Longer Possible”

Alt-protein producer Schouten Europe has reported a significant rise in plant-based fish sales, as the price of conventional fish continues to climb due to the conflict in Ukraine. According to Schouten, profitable fishing is “currently no longer possible”, with many fishing boats not setting sail due to the soaring cost of fuel. This has triggered a growing interest in plant-based seafood. Fish alternatives by Schouten After producing meat alternatives for three decades, Schouten launched its first alt-seafood product — Vegan Green Tuna — in 2021. This was followed by vegan fish sticks and burgers later in the year, with the company saying the documentary Seaspiracy had created a significant increase in demand. Schouten has also been in communication with several companies in the conventional fish …


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Studies & Numbers

Panel of Judges Decide Which Plant-Based Products Compare the Most to Beef, Chicken, Fish and Pork

Consumer Reports Magazine contacts vegconomist to report it has published The Meat Lovers’ Guide to Plant-Based Meat, analyzing 32 plant-based products in the categories of “beef” burgers, “chicken” nuggets and fillets, and “pork” sausages and “fish”, to reveal which plant-based products compare the most to their animal counterparts. For the evaluation, the judges assessed on the basis of nutrition and taste. To obtain a nutrition score, CR evaluated the products based on calories, fiber, protein, iron, vitamin B12, saturated fat, and sodium, also assessing the ingredients list and penalizing those with more processed ingredients. For the sensory score, a “trained panel of sensory experts” undertook a blind tasting test, scoring the products on texture and flavor and how well they mimicked animal-based beef, chicken, pork …




Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

CELL AG TECH Joins with Canadian Research Firm CCRM to Scale Cell-Based Fish Manufacturing

CULT Food Science, an alt-protein investment platform, announces its portfolio company CELL AG TECH is collaborating with the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) to efficiently scale CELL AG’s cultured seafood manufacturing. CELL AG has also been named a winner in Canada’s AcCELLerate-ON competition for its work on scaling fish muscle stem cells in 2D and 3D. As part of the signed agreement, CELL AG and CCRM’s scientists will work on developing a cost-effective and efficient process for growing fish cells in bioreactors. A leader in regenerative medicine-based technologies, CCRM’s cell manufacturing knowledge and ability to apply regenerative medicine principles to cell culturing will accelerate CELL AG’s development processes and improve product quality, the startup says.  Though the scaling of cell-based fish and seafood …


Meta Burger/ Good Catch Fish Sandwich

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Gastronomy & Food Service

Meta Burger Joins with Good Catch to Add New Fish Filet Sandwich to Menu

Meta Burger, a vegan burger chain based in Colorado, has partnered with Good Catch Plant-Based Seafood to add a new Fish Filet Sandwich to its permanent menu. Made with Good Catch’s Crispy Fish Fillet, the sandwich features tartar sauce and sliced cheese and is now available at all Meta Burger locations.  The partnership is the latest foodservice success for Good Catch, which has swiftly increased its presence on US restaurant menus over the past year-and-a-half. Good Catch’s expansion now includes over a half-dozen major brands, starting with Veggie Grill, which introduced an exclusive tuna melt and Cajun Fish Sandwich by the seafood brand in 2020.  Foodservice acceleration The company then partnered with Whole Foods Market to carry the brand’s signature flaky tuna at select deli …




Cultivated Seafood

New Cultivated Seafood Startup E-FISHient Launched in Collab with Israeli Ministry of Agriculture

E-FISHient, a new cultivated seafood startup, has been launched in Israel. After success in the cultivated meat field, BioMeat Foodtech, the publicly traded Israeli investment fund, has collaborated with the Volcani Institute – a governmental organization and officially an arm of the Ministry of Agriculture – to develop the cultivated fish meat company. The Volcani Center, Israel’s national agricultural R&D center, will back the joint E-FISHient venture which will manufacture and market cultivated tilapia fish based on non-animal serum. The Nile tilapia is one of the most commonly grown fish species in global aquaculture – thus presenting a large market, while the serum itself is an additional product intended to serve the whole cultivated meat industry in general.  The BioMeat Foodtech partnership will hold the …


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Products & Launches

Iglo Germany Introduces Vegan Baked Fish and Kids Chick*n Dinos to Green Cuisine Range

From May, iglo / Birds Eye’s plant-based Green Cuisine product line will see two new offerings in Germany: vegan “Oven Baking Fish” and “Chicken” Dinos for children. The Green Cuisine, which first launched in Germany in January 2020, covers several European markets and offers affordable supermarket options for plant-based and flexitarian consumers. The line is also popular in the UK where it was launched with a £2 million ad campaign in 2019 and where the line was supplemented last year with three new plant-based chicken SKUs. The oven baked fish consists of rice and wheat proteins and is labelled with Nutri-Score B. The most recent plant-based fish product launch follows the success of the brand’s plant-based fish fingers, a vegan version of the hugely popular …


SoFish Fingers lifestyle


Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Dutch Tofu Pioneer SoFine to “Take Vegan Fish Sticks to the Next Level”

The new SoFish sticks that SoFine is set to launch into Rewe and Edeka in Germany have apparently been deemed as the tastiest in comparison with two other vegan alternatives in blind tests, with testers praising the taste and similarity to real fish, the crispy crust and the consistency. Multi market rollout Jessica Zomerdijk,  Commercial Director at SoFine, reveals: “After Germany, we expect to successfully launch the new SoFish sticks in the Netherlands, Belgium and Finland.” SoFish sticks are high in protein, contain omega 3 from flax oil, valuable fibre, and vitamins B2, B12, D, iron and zinc,  rewarded with a Nutriscore A grade. SoFine produces, in addition to its tofu products, meat alternatives, meatballs and vegetable-forward burgers and schnitzels, and a chicken alternative. In …


YO! Sushi

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Gastronomy & Food Service

YO! Sushi Launches Vegan Set Menu as Fish-Free Sushi Goes Global 

YO! Sushi has introduced a new vegan Sakura set menu for two at all its locations across the UK. The international conveyor belt sushi franchise continues to expand its vegan offerings, with the new menu for two featuring seven courses and costing £25.  The new YO! Sushi Sakura plant-based set menu features a choice of Edamame, Mushroom Teriyaki, Faux Duck rolls, Loaded Gyozas, Veggie Volcano rolls, Red Pepper Dragon Rolls and DoughChi. The company offers a large range of vegan items on its menu and at the PETA Vegan Food Awards 2015, its Tofu Katsu Curry won in the category Best Vegan Curry.  Vegan sushi Vegan sushi is at the forefront of the alt seafood movement, with fish-free sushi making its way into foodservice channels …


Good Catch crispy fish burger

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Fast Food

Plant-Based Chain Next Level Burger Debuts Good Catch Crispy Fish Burger

Alt-seafood brand Good Catch and US plant-based restaurant chain Next Level Burger have joined forces to launch the vegan Crispy Fish Burger. The burger is made with Good Catch’s Plant-Based Breaded Fish Fillet and topped with lemon-herb mayo, organic lettuce, tomato, and plant-based American cheese. Served on an organic white bun, the burger will be available from April 1-30 at all Next Level Burger restaurants. Next Level describes itself as the US’ first plant-based burger chain. The company currently has seven locations, but has announced plans to quadruple this figure by 2025. 10% of profits from the Crispy Fish Burger will go to the Ocean Blue Project, a nonprofit removing plastic pollution from the oceans. Good Catch partnerships Previously, Good Catch has entered into partnerships …


KAIYO Plant-Based Tomato Nigiri/ Sushi

Tomato Nigiri ©KAIYO Cow Hollow

Food & Beverage

San Francisco Seafood Restaurant KAIYŌ Cow Hollow Develops Fish-Free Nigiri

KAIYŌ Cow Hollow, an upscale seafood restaurant in San Francisco, has introduced innovative fish-free nigiri, a type of sushi, using specially compressed and marinated fruits and vegetables.  KAIYŌ, which serves Peruvian-Japanese “Nikkei” cuisine, says the  nigiri is part of the restaurant’s effort to go “beyond the standard avocado roll” in creating more appealing plant-based seafood options.  Fish from vegetables To craft the nigiri, KAIYŌ’s Chef Alex Reccio uses a variety of techniques, some of which take hours, to specially compress vegetables and fruit such as pears, eggplant and tomatoes to resemble and taste like fish. According to owner John Park, no two ingredients can be prepared the same way. “[There are] not many recipe books for vegan sushi, so our team is always testing techniques …


Aqua Cultured Seafood Appetizer

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Aqua Cultured Foods Doubles Production Output of Novel Fish and Seafood Alternatives

Food tech startup Aqua Cultured Foods announces new advancements in its fermentation technology that allow it to double the biomass output of whole-muscle seafood alternatives.  According to Aqua, these developments have dramatically improved the growth timeline for its seafood products, which include tuna, whitefish, calamari, popcorn shrimp and scallops. The startup says it has filed five patents relating to its unique method of protein production, and is preparing for its next financing round.  Novel fermentation  Based in Chicago, Aqua has previously created sushi-grade fish filets and calamari using microbial fermentation techniques that “grow” protein from a proprietary strain of fungi. By controlling environmental conditions such as culture medium, oxygen, temperature, and humidity, the company says it can create the same look, texture and moisture level found …


Wanda Fish Technologies

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Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

Wanda Fish Technologies Launches Cultivated Fish Collaboration with Tufts University

Israeli food-tech startup Wanda Fish Technologies has entered a new partnership with Tufts University in Massachusetts, US. The collaboration aims to accelerate the production of cell-cultured fish following breakthrough developments in fish cell cultivation at the famed research university.  “Marine biodiversity is critical to the survival of people and our planet. Overfishing, as well as water pollution, is damaging the vast and vital ocean ecosystem” Two agreements have been signed between Wanda Fish and Tufts; the first being a licensing agreement giving exclusive rights to Wanda Fish of certain intellectual property in fish cell cultivation developed by Tufts researcher David Kaplan PhD, a leader in the field of cellular agriculture. Additionally, a two-year sponsored research agreement has been agreed upon, supporting Kaplan’s research into cellular …


The Plantish team © Plantish

Investments & Acquisitions

Plantish Raises $12.5M for Whole Cut Plant-Based Fish in Alt-Seafood’s “Largest Ever” Seed Round

Israeli startup Plantish, which develops whole cut plant-based fish, has raised $12.5 million in a seed funding round led by State Of Mind Ventures. Other participants included Pitango Health Tech, Unovis, and TechAviv Founder Partners. Plantish says the raise is the largest ever seed funding round for an alt-seafood company. It follows on from the startup’s $2 million pre-seed round last June. The funding will be used to expand Plantish’s team and increase R&D efforts, as well as to work towards commercialisation. The company aims to launch its first product, whole cut salmon, for foodservice within the next two years. The salmon will also be available at popup locations by the end of 2022. Nutritionally equivalent plant-based seafood Plantish was founded just last year with …


Fish processor Greenland Seafood launches plant-based range

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Greenland Seafood Joins Growing List of Fish Processors Launching Plant-Based Fish

European fish processor Greenland Seafood, owned by Canada’s Sofina Foods, has launched a range of frozen plant-based fish alternatives such as fish-free fingers, burgers, and fish cakes, made with rice protein for a flaky texture. The products will be showcased next month at Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona, and will soon be available for both retail and food service. Greenland Seafood said it was inspired to launch the range after noticing the fast-growing popularity of alt-protein products. The company hopes to add more plant-based options in the near future. The global fish producers going plant-based While some conventional seafood producers have attacked plant-based alternatives, others are beginning to recognise that the tide is turning. Some examples of those entering the plant-based sphere include: In October …



Raul Ciurtin ©Prefera Foods


Unfished: “On a Transformational Journey Driven By New Food Trends and a Conscientious Approach”

Fish made from plants is the next big thing says Raul Ciurtin, CEO of Romanian company Prefera Foods, producer of the Unfished range of products. Here Ciurtin speaks to vegconomist about long ingredient lists, emotional business decisions and reservations about Eastern Europe. With Unfished PlanTuna, you are just launching a range of tuna alternatives in German supermarkets. What is the demand like? Germany is one of the countries that interests us the most because here the demand for seafood alternatives is already high. The consumers’ interest towards plant-based fish is growing worldwide –  and especially in Germany where many people have a strong environmental awareness. They are more willing to accept innovations and change their lifestyle. Our German distributor – Verdino GmbH – has already …