Clean World Conference 2019 – Working Together Towards Sustainable Change

Around 200 representatives from 70 countries gathered at the Clean World Conference in Tallinn at the end of January to look for ways to make changes towards a more sustainable world.

The conference focused on the Keep It Clean plan and the future activities of the Let’s Do It! movement. In workshops, the participants developed opportunities for collaboration with companies, municipalities and political decision-makers, and developed educational approaches and awareness-raising campaigns to internationally address and improve qualitative environmental management at both a local and global level.

“The Keep It Clean Plan is a concept that describes the world in which we want to live. Waste means wasted resources, and we need to change that. To ensure a clean, healthy and waste-free world for future generations, we need cross-industry collaboration and must strengthen the presence of citizens’ initiatives such as World Cleanup Day on September 21, 2019,” said Holger Holland, Chairman of Let´s Do It! Germany e.V..

A group of renowned researchers and experts led by Enzo Favoino developed the plan, with a clear set of proposals for World Cleanup Day on September 15, 2018. Thanks to the document “Keep It Clean Plan”, which was published on September 16, a basic framework is now available which takes the principles of the Zero Waste strategy and supplements them with recommendations for companies, governments, citizens and NGOs.

The first World Cleanup Day took place on September 15, 2018. Worldwide, 158 countries took part, liberating large parts of their regions from waste with a total of 17 million participants. World Cleanup Day 2018 went down in human history as the largest cleanup ever. This year, World Cleanup Day will take place on September 21.



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