Foodies: Trendsetter for Companies

New trends are always influencing the market, but due to heterogeneity, it is often difficult for companies to recognize target groups and respond to their preferences. One of these target groups is “foodies”. Foodies are characterized by their keen interest in good food, or food as a lifestyle.

In addition, they are very interested in nutrition and thus have extensive knowledge about food preparation and various ingredients. But foodies don’t just cook for themselves – they also know the best restaurants and shopping facilities, and are always on the lookout for the latest food trends. The trend towards healthy and vegan food has also caught on in this scene. Because vegan products use new and alternative ingredients, they stand out from other products and can be used by foodies to create new trends, such as the use of the term “superfood” for certain foods.

Companies are trying to pick up on these trends; many now offer superfoods. Products with chia seeds and goji berries have become available in almost every supermarket. To this end, restaurants are trying to target specific groups, for example by offering menus containing superfoods.

In Germany too, manufacturers and supermarkets are trying to align their products with foodies and pick up on trends. In the meantime, the first superfood store has opened in Germany. Germany imports most foods classed as superfoods, which has helped to make Germany the world leader in the importation of vegan food.

An important meeting place for foodies is the “Vegane Sommerfest Berlin”, which will take place on August 24-26. With its vendors and accompanying activities, Europe’s largest vegan summer party affords a good overview of the latest products and trends in this market.



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