Heather Mills to Create Hundreds of Jobs in the Vegan Industry

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Heather Mills, the vegan activist and ex-wife of Paul McCartney, wants to create new jobs in her hometown at her vegan company VBites. To this end, the company has acquired an empty factory in the English county of Durham, which is now being restored.

Heather Mills wants to get involved with this action for the benefit of the people of her hometown. The factory was formerly owned by the confectionery manufacturer Walkers, which closed it for efficiency reasons some time ago. With the closure, 355 local jobs were lost. Mills has now promised to bring back many of these jobs.

In an interview with Eamonn Holmes of “This Morning”, she said: “We have initiated Brexit, whether we love it or hate it. Many manufacturers have therefore moved to Germany. I went back to my hometown and found my friend had lost her job. So I bought the Walkers Crisps factory to restore those jobs.”

Here is the interview in full length:

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