• Hilton Hotels Predicts Future Will Feature Predominantly Plant-Based and Insect Proteins

    Hospitality giant Hilton, which recently unveiled the first vegan hotel suite, has published a report predicting the next hundred years of the of the company, to celebrate its hundredth birthday. The report was created in collaboration with experts including CEO of The Futures Agency and Author of “Technology vs. Humanity”, Gerd Leonhard, and Daniel Vennard, director of Better Buying Lab, World Resources Institute.

    The report, titled “Checking into 2119” follows in the same vein as the Sainsbury’s document which recently predicted the next 150 years of supermarket trade, and says that in a hundred years our diets will be predominantly utilise plant-based or cultured meat proteins: “Plant Power: in 2119 our diets will be predominantly plant-based. Climate concerns will see us supplement farmed meats such as beef and lamb with lab-grown and 3D-printed alternatives.”

    The authors predict that hotels will feature allotment grown vegetables and vertical hydroponic crop-growing farms, using collected rainwater to maximise sustainability. “Giant indoor hotel allotments – a joint venture between Hilton Hosts and the surrounding communities – will grow hybrid vegetables with maximum nutritional value.”

    ©Hilton Hotels

    Insect proteins

    Interestingly, and un-veganly, the report predicts that in 2119 consumers will be used to eating protein sourced from insects: “Chefs will also harvest from on-site insect farms, a celebrated form of protein in 2119”


    …will be “unnecessary” according to the authors, who predict that “biometric information from embedded guest chips will provide chefs with food preferences, nutritional requirements, allergies and flavour tolerances on arrival. Chef-consultants will analyse every guest’s requirements individually, creating uniquely personalised dishes” and even further, that “chef-consultants will appear on demand to discuss preferences, before in-room 3D printers deliver the perfect dish for every taste.”

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