Marks and Spencer Angers Vegans With Fruit Juice Containing Beef Collagen

M&S, as it is known in the UK, is a major British multinational retailer that has recently taken a step backwards in the vegan world, after a customer noticed a beef ingredient in its fruit juice. This disappointing revelation follows news earlier this year that M&S had introduced 50 new vegan dishes into its food range.

A photo of the ingredients in the store’s Super Water Protein Range was shared on Twitter, revealing that the drinks available in orange, passion fruit, and watermelon flavours, are made with 4% “hydrolysed beef collagen”.

The online backlash has come from across the board with vegans to meat eaters, as most comments agree that beef in fruit juice is unnecessary and confusing, and highly unappealing whether you eat meat or not.

In response to the backlash, an M&S spokesperson said they would be looking into a way to clearly label the drinks as ‘not appropriate for vegan and vegetarians’.

A spokesperson from M&S told the Daily Mail: “There’s a growing demand for protein-based drinks that offer added vitamins and benefits, in response, we’ve launched two new Super Waters containing a natural source of collagen, which is a widely used ingredient. The drinks are clearly labelled with their ingredients on the pack, however, we are looking into how we can make this clearer for our vegan and vegetarian customers.”



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