• Online Courses for Vegan Parents: Facebook Collaborates with RaiseVegan

    Facebook is seeking to promote the vegan lifestyle. In collaboration with the company Raise Vegan, Inc, it is offering online courses to help parents educate themselves about vegan nutrition. The Facebook group “Just Ask the Dietician” offers six-week courses in the form of a virtual classroom, led by experts from the fields of medicine, nutrition and childbirth.

    The goal of the new program is to educate parents about healthy vegan lifestyles for those who decide to raise their children on a vegan diet. The courses provide information on all stages from conception to adulthood. You can participate for $9.99 per month by joining the free Facebook group “Vegan Pregnancy & Parenting” and applying from there.

    This group was the beginning for the fledgling vegan company RaiseVegan Inc, which recognized the educational resource gap for vegan parents and launched raisevegan.com. It provides relevant and detailed information about nutrition and parenting. The vegan company also offers information in the form of a parents’ magazine. Raise Vegan is a world leader, and is available in print or digital format. In collaboration with Google and Apple, the new program is now being tested in the Facebook group.

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