V-Label Products Hit Record Level of 30,000 Certified Products

A new record of 30,000 V-Label-certified products confirms the ever-increasing popularity of vegetarian and vegan products. The record occurred just before the 25th annual World Vegan Day which was celebrated on 1 November.

The market for vegan and vegetarian products has enjoyed record sales for many years now, as a growing number of companies recognise the benefits of offering plant-based products to consumers.

“The V-Label has made a significant contribution to the rapid distribution of vegan and vegetarian products in the European market. We are now taking this success to other continents,” explains Renato Pichler, CEO of V-Label GmbH. “For more than 20 years, the V-Label has helped consumers find the right product. For producers, the transparent declaration of quality that comes with the V-Label is a major advantage for their products. The V-Label is the link between innovative products and conscious consumers.”

Textile manufacturers across Europe are also bringing vegan options to market, including plant-based down and silk products. There are already more than 30,000 licensed vegan and vegetarian products throughout Europe.

“In the last two years, the market for veggie products has taken on a completely different dynamic,” commented Felix Hnat from V-Label Austria. “In particular, the 4.7 million flexitarians in Austria create enormous demand. We know from the food retail trade that 95% of vegan products are not bought by vegans”.



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