World Meat Free Week from 11 to 17 June 2018

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World Meat Free Week is a public initiative run by the English association of the same name, which aims to raise awareness of and take action against the environmental and health problems associated with the global consumption of meat. With the support of many prominent partners, a “World Meat-free Week” will be held from 11 to 17 June 2018, in which anyone can participate.

Despite the continuing global trend towards veganism and the visible change in markets towards more purely plant-based foods, global meat consumption remains a major challenge for people and the environment. From an ecological point of view, the meat industry is a major cause of many problems. In addition to the considerable wastage of natural resources involved in meat production, global factory farming is one of the biggest sources of CO2 emissions worldwide. Furthermore, humanity’s awareness of ethical and moral issues is increasing when it comes to animal welfare and sustainable nutrition.

The World Meat Free Week project aims to raise awareness of this problem. The aim is to encourage everyone to lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, and to offer the necessary support for this. On the campaign website, readers can find many useful tips and tricks for changing their diet. Besides many creative recipes and practical instructions, the site also offers comprehensive information about meat consumption and the surrounding ecological and health issues. During the action week in June, all participants will have the opportunity to discover for themselves how easy it can be to go without meat and do something good for themselves and the planet.

However, the initiators are not interested in demonising or completely banishing meat. Rather they would like to promote a more conscious approach and support a more balanced and healthier diet. The idea of ecological sustainability and a fairer food system are the central factors here. World Meat Free Week is intended to encourage people to reconsider the frequency of their own meat consumption and ultimately to consume less throughout the year.

The organisation describes their initiative as follows: “We are passionate about the health of our fragile planet and we look forward to your support. By participating in World Meat Free Week, you help to improve sustainability and your own health. You will reduce your carbon footprint and help drive necessary change.”

In addition to many prominent partners, a whole series of well-known companies have also been recruited for this initiative. These include ProVeg International, One Green Planet and the Vegetarian Society.

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