37% of Irish People Would Go Vegan for the Environment

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A study conducted by Wellwoman Vegan has found that almost half of Irish consumers would consider converting to veganism in order to help the environment.

The results, published in the Irish Mirror last week, surveyed the Irish public, of which 71% were meat eaters. Of the total group who responded, 49% of people felt encouraged to adopt a vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons and for the planet. 73% consume vegan meals into their diet and 37% said that they would convert to veganism permanently.

In terms of addressing the issues preventing people from trying a vegan diet, 86% of the group said that their concern was being able to eat out in restaurants and 74% thought that their grocery shopping habits would be restricted.

Data by Kantar Worldpanel showed that in Ireland there was a 40% increase in sales of dairy-free milks January compared to the same period in 2018, with almond, oat, and soy milks being the most popular.

“After an indulgent festive period, many Irish shoppers started the year with good intentions and January sales of fruit and vegetables were up €7m year on year,” said Douglas Faughnan. Kantar’s consumer insight director. “Vegetable side dishes and vegetarian sausages and burgers collectively rose by 35% and, amid the rising popularity of ‘Veganuary’, sales of plant-based milks were 40% higher than in January 2018.”

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