Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams & Heather Mills Join “Plant-Powered Kamala” Campaign

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, youth activist and Million Dollar Vegan advocate Genesis Butler, and vegan entrepreneur Heather Mills are part of a group supporting the JIVINITI campaign, asking the Biden-Harris administration to push for plant-based solutions to a range of pressing issues including Covid-19 pandemic, food insecurity, chronic illness, and climate change.

Heather Mills of VBites stated:  “An animal-based economy oppresses everyone. I pledge my support to the JIVINITI women’s coalition and invite Vice President Harris to support plant-forward policy change and to go vegan.”

The coalition together published an open letter to the new administration and also started an online petition encouraging Kamala to go vegan in 2021. Eric Adams said shifting to plant-based nutritional guidance to start solving the public health crisis is essential.

JIVINITI women's coalition
JIVINITI women’s coalition ©thevirsafoundation

“I wholeheartedly support the JIVINITI coalition in initiating these vital conversations focused on women of color in the US and for marginalized women worldwide,” says Adams. “We must turn food deserts into food oases, particularly in communities of color where nutritional foods are scarce. Switching to a whole-food, plant-based diet taught me about the transformative power of what’s on our dinner plate. With the new Biden-Harris Administration in office, it’s time we take this conversation national,” said Adams.

Other high profile supporters include Kim Anderson, co-founder of Plant City; renowned chef Matthew Kenney; Claire Smith, creator of the world’s first climate-conscious and vegan-friendly Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) launched on the NYSE; and UK-based animal advocacy group Viva!, founded by Juliet Gellatley.


The Virsa Foundation is a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation, which advocates for women’s empowerment, especially women of color in underserved communities. The JIVINITI platform advocates for low-income women and women of color who live in food deserts and suffer structural inequalities.

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