Canada Food Guide to Focus on Plant-Based Foods

The complete overhaul of Canada Food Guide is expected to be released soon, suggesting Canadians should consume more plant-based foods.

The supposed guidelines, suggesting a reduction of dairy and meat consumption, have caused a stir amongst farmers: Canada’s farmers lobby organisation warned “the decision could have a detrimental impact on future generations” and harm a sector that continues to be “negatively impacted by the concessions granted in recent trade agreements.”

According to Hasan Hutchinson, director general of nutritional policy and promotion at Health Canada, the new food guide is going to be based on the best available evidence recognized by international organizations. Health Canada also stated it wouldn’t base its new healthy eating guide on research funded by food industries.

Hutchinson says the guide will have an emphasis on consuming more plant-based foods, which have positive effects on health.

In the document released for consultation, Health Canada said most Canadians do not eat enough vegetables, fruits and whole grains. The document also suggests a move towards consuming higher proportion of plant-based foods, pointing out that Canadians are suggested to eat less red meat, eat more foods high in fibre, and replace saturated fat with unsaturated fat whenever possible.

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