Germany’s National Soccer Player Thomas Müller Invests in GREENFORCE

Germany’s GREENFORCE has brought another prominent investor on board. At the end of 2021, presenter Joko Winterscheidt and delicatessen king Michael Käfer were onboarded, as well as vegan strongman Patrik Baboumian who represents the brand in the UK. The startup now announces an investment from footballer Thomas Müller.

“I think it’s cool and I’m really excited to be invested in such an innovative company”

Müller’s investment will predominantly serve to promote the growth of the climate-neutral company as well as to strengthen the future-oriented research and development centre in Munich.

The soccer player, who like GREENFORCE is a native of Bavaria, states: “My favourite products are the Easy To Mix spreadable sausage and the fresh mini meatball, the taste is absolutely authentic,” he says. A trial supply of GREENFORCE products, ranging from meat, fish and egg to dairy alternatives, has been made available to his teammates.


“I think it’s cool and I’m really excited to be invested in such an innovative company like GREENFORCE. The products are super exciting and offer a tasty and sustainable alternative for a balanced meal plan. GREENFORCE’s philosophy gives each and every one of us the opportunity to consciously conserve our earth’s resources and help tackle the challenges of the future,” says Müller

“We see ourselves as a Climate Food Company. Through 100 percent vegan enjoyment, we make it easy for our consumers to make a measurable impact on the environment by consuming our products. It has long been officially confirmed that animal-based foods, and especially their production, cause too many greenhouse gas emissions and are therefore a major contributor to climate change. By offering the most sustainable meat, fish, egg and dairy alternatives, we are creating an innovative and new category in the food sector. A category that does not compromise on the environment or taste,” comments Thomas Isermann, founder and CEO of GREENFORCE.

fishcakes GREENFORCE

GREENFORCE, winner of the 2021 Green Product Award and PETA’s Vegan Food Award, creates 100 percent vegan products manufactured in Germany. Quality and sustainability are the company’s focus. The company states it is climate neutral, relies on green logistics and fully offsets unavoidable CO2 emissions through effective climate protection projects.

Find out more at www.greenforce.com.

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