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Climate Activists Distribute 2000 Free Vegan Hotdogs at Bonn Climate Conference

Plant Based Treaty campaigners have handed out 2000 free vegan hotdogs from a food truck outside the Bonn Climate Conference, sending delegates a message that food system change is essential in tackling the climate crisis.

The campaign group also handed delegates over 100 copies of its newly-published position paper, 21 Cities Call for a Global Plant Based Treaty. The paper outlines the immediate cuts required to emissions from animal agriculture and fossil fuels to prevent climate breakdown.

“We started the vegan Food for Thought truck as a way to engage with the public and decision-makers about sustainable plant-based diets. Plant-based food not only has the smallest environmental and climate footprint but offers familiar dishes that are very tasty,” said campaigner Lea Goodett.

It comes as figures from the Humane Society show that more land animals than ever — an estimated 92.2 billion per year — are being slaughtered. Other research has found that while 83% of agricultural land is used for farming animals, animal products supply just 18% of calories.

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Plant-based treaty

As alluded to in the new paper, 21 towns and cities worldwide have now endorsed the call for a global plant-based treaty, including Los Angeles, Edinburgh, and Norwich. The treaty has three core principles: relinquishing the expansion of animal agriculture, redirecting policies favoring a plant-based food system, and restoring ecosystems.

“We are encouraged to see the Bonn Conference has added vegan options to the cafeterias this year,” said Lisette Weustenenk, a campaigner from Plant Based Treaty Nederlands. “Our Plant Based Treaty petition calls for COP28 and all environmental conferences to focus on solutions and best practices rather than making the climate emergency worse, so we’d like to see the Bonn Climate Conference commit to 100% plant-based catering.”

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