• Please Donate: Vegan Meals for Refugees in Ukraine

    Vegconomist will now support a project for vegan meals for refugees in the Ukrainian city of Lviv/Lemberg for at least half a year. You too can help with your donation.

    These are the initiators and their project, who urgently need your support:

    We are Marta and Oksana Khomiak (sisters), vegan activists from Lviv in Ukraine

    Lviv Vegan Kitchen is a volunteer project based from Vega Room restaurant. We serve free vegan meals for refugees, feeding almost 200 people daily. Also, we provide humanitarian aid to vegans all over Ukraine, to the armed forces and vegan food to refugee shelters.

    Lviv cafe
    © Lviv Vegan Kitchen

    From the first day of war we’ve been volunteering – first in the kitchen which makes dry soups for UAF, then at the railway station (as thousands of people started to flee from Kyiv and East of Ukraine). At the station, we noticed that there’s a lot of vegans among volunteers and refugees, but there’s no food options for them. The next morning after our night shift at the railway station, the idea of a vegan kitchen appeared. First, we thought about cooking at home, but our friends from Vega Room offered their place and equipment. So on March 2nd, we launched our project.

    The current team

    Now we have a team of 15+ volunteers, drivers, couriers. Also, people support us from abroad – both with donations and supplies. There is a problem now to buy nutritious meat substitutes in Ukraine, because the largest producers are located in the East of our country, some of them were bombed, others blocked. So our friends in Poznan (Poland) are collecting products, which people sent to us from all over the world, and send cars to us every week. Also, we’ve got direct help from Croatia and Italy.

    Lviv team
    © Lviv Vegan Kitchen

    We receive great feedback from refugees and the vegan community. We are lucky to have a lovely place in the center of Lviv, where people can feel like themselves like before the war. People say visiting our kitchen is the first time they smiled since the war started. But more and more people are coming each day, and we are going to move to a larger kitchen, because this week we have queues outside almost every day.

    Please donate now, support Lviv Vegan Kitchen

    Reciepient: vegconom GmbH

    Bank: Volksbank Dinklage /Steinfeld

    IBAN: DE32 2806 5108 0014 8385 01

    BIC / Swift Code:  GENODEF1DIK

    keyword: Lviv Vegan Kitchen

    IBAN: DE32 2806 5108 0014 8385 01

    (this is a special bank account for vegconomist, the donation will be given to the project Lviv Vegan Kitchen without any deductions)

    Or directly via PayPal

    Thank you for your generosity!

    Lviv vegan supplies
    © Lviv Vegan Kitchen
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