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Veganuary in Spain and LATAM: More Than 80 Promotions and Discounts Available

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During the 2023 Veganuary campaign, more than 80 brands, restaurants and retailers from Spain, Mexico and South America are participating with discounts and a wide range of vegan offerings to motivate those who may be trying a vegan or plant-based lifestyle for the first time.

  • In Spain: Subway, VeggiAnimals, Vegan Food Club and Revolu Green! are some of the brands with the biggest vegan offerings during January
  • In Chile: NotCo, Jumbo, Papa Johns, Yoguen Fruz, Vilay and Vegusta, will be offering significant discounts
  • In Mexico: Mr. Tofu will have discounts on its own brands as well as Daiya and Better Balance
  • In Argentina: Hiper Changomas and Más Online Supermercado will offer more than 100 discounted products for Veganuary
  • In Ecuador: Veggie Lover
  • In Colombia: Cero Pollito and Bodai

For details of all the companies and promotions, click here.

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On a mission to inspire and support

As well as motivating and engaging millions of people around the world since its first campaign in 2014, Veganuary works with businesses of all sizes to promote the provision of vegan food in shops and restaurants, thereby making veganism more visible and accessible.

In the 2022 campaign alone, for example, more than 1,540 new vegan products and plant-based menu options were launched worldwide during the month of January thanks to Veganuary.

“Our mission is to inspire and support people to try veganism, but also to drive corporate change so that companies incorporate corporate change for companies to incorporate new products and thus have a wider plant-based offering,” said Gonzalez Atencio, Corporate Engagement Manager of Veganuary Latin America.

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