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Veganuary Opens Office in Spain to Continue the Campaign’s Global Expansion, Vegan Actor Dani Rovira Becomes Supporter

UK-born charity Veganuary, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, announces it has opened its eighth country chapter in Spain. Moreover, the Spanish actor Dani Rovira recently joined Veganuary as a supporter to spread the message and importance of veganism.

“I join the Veganuary initiative because I believe it is more important to convince than to conquer”  

With the climate crisis making headlines almost daily, the organization says it is intensifying its efforts to promote planet-friendly vegan diets worldwide. Besides the new office in Spain, the charity has chapters in seven countries: the UK, USA, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and India. In addition, it has partner organizations in Mexico, Italy, France, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, and Singapore to run official campaigns and make veganism mainstream.

Amanda Romero, the new director for Veganuary Spain, shares that more than five million people, representing 13% of the country’s population, already identify as vegetarian, vegan, or flexitarian. 

“The majority of people in Spain do not want animals to be harmed, ecosystems to be destroyed and species to become extinct; the vast majority of people are concerned about the climate crisis. People across the country are looking for ways they can make a positive difference before things get even worse than they were this summer,” says Romero.

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The importance of veganism

Veganuary 2023 broke all previous records with more registered participants than ever — over 700,000 official sign-ups. Many celebrities back the campaign, including English singer Paul McCartney, singer Billie Eilish, Spanish actress Clara Lago, and now Dani Rovira.

According to Toni Vernelli, international head of communications and marketing at Veganuary, celebrities give credibility and professionalism to the campaign, multiplying Veganuary’s message through their social media followers and media coverage.

“I join the Veganuary initiative because I believe it is more important to convince than to conquer, especially in a non-judgemental way, but rather by making people understand the importance of veganism for the sustainability of the planet.

“Sometimes we collaborate in causes with the essence of contributing our grain of sand, in this case, we could say, that Veganuary invites us to remove our grain of cruelty in the world. And it is in our hands. And at our table,” says Rovira.

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