EU FIT4FOOD Project Offers Tools to Radically Improve Food System Sustainability

FIT4FOOD2030, a project funded by the EU, has developed a “toolbox” to help food system actors improve sustainability. It is set to be launched at the project’s final conference, which will take place from November 24-25.

Numerous studies and reports have shown that the current food system is not sustainable, especially with regards to animal agriculture. This has been highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

To tackle this problem, the FIT4FOOD team looked at the way research and innovation (R&I) is currently carried out and how it could change the system more effectively. They concluded that it is important to look at the food system holistically rather than only considering one aspect, such as nutritional needs. Another finding was that it is important to consult a variety of stakeholders.

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The new toolbox is described as “engaging and easy-to-use”, and it is hoped that it will allow all actors to become facilitators or change agents. It will be available in the form of a free online repository with 80 tools organised into four categories.

Organisations such as the Good Food Institute are already working on improving the sustainability of the food system, as are sustainably-minded brands such as OUMPH! and Nuggs. But there is still extensive work to be done.

“The tools that we have co-developed with a wide variety of stakeholders in ‘spaces for transformation’ will help researchers, research funders, policymakers and other ‘change agents’ doing research and innovation in a more effective way towards more sustainable and resilient food systems,” said project coordinator Prof. Dr. Jacqueline Broerse.

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