Green Monday and Ernst & Young Sign MOU Asking Over 20,000 Employees to Go Vegan One Day a Week

On the first working day of the new year, the first big news from Green Monday came with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Green Monday and Ernst & Young yesterday, encouraging over 22,000 employees of Ernst & Young China to eat plant-based once a week to reduce carbon emissions.

The MOU was signed yesterday at the “EY-Greenpeace MOU Signing Ceremony and EY China 2021 Carbon Neutral Campaign Launching Ceremony”. Both parties will work together to study and practice carbon neutrality and promote environmental protection based on the principles of “leveraging strengths, mutual promotion, long-term cooperation and mutual benefit”.

During the event, Green Common, a subsidiary of Green Monday and newly established in Shanghai, prepared the “Future Lunch Box” for the staff of EY China, allowing them to sample some delicious plant-based food.

Green Monday Ernst & Young
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EY’s Greater China Practice Leader, Mr. Sunjie Bi, made the opening remarks: “It is significant to start the New Year with the official launch of the EY Office Carbon Neutral Campaign 2021 in partnership with Green Monday; EY has always been concerned about sustainable development and is committed to protecting and improving the ecological environment through its own efforts.”

David Yeung, Founder and CEO of Green Monday, shared, “2020 is definitely an unusual year, a big warning from the earth that the environment we live in is ‘sick’; in the process of promoting low carbon, energy saving and emission reduction, we should not overlook that more emissions are generated by agriculture than transportation, especially farming; farming food animals causes greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution and the enrichment of drugs such as antibiotics in the human body, and these effects are very alarming.”

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“Green Monday hopes that every individual and enterprise, even a country or a region should have a fundamental change from the lifestyle inside, we say every day of the week every person participate, each person pay a little, to make their own impact. Do not underestimate their influence, each person a small step, add up to a big step. At the same time, we have to use our corporate platform and influence to promote more sustainable lifestyles to more people. Thank you very much for the recognition from EY and for entering into a partnership with Green Monday on such a meaningful day, the first Monday in 2021, to promote a sustainable way of eating together.”

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