Hangry Planet Opens North America’s First 100% Plant-Based Convenience Store

Hangry Planet has opened what it says is the first 24/7 plant-based convenience mart in North America. Located in a Shell gas station in San Bruno, CA,  Hangry Planet offers a huge selection of curated vegan snacks, meals and sweets served alongside vibrant music, art and a virtual reality car wash. 

“It’s time for retail to robustly advocate for sustainability, animal welfare and healthy products”

Created by actor and entrepreneur Bobak Bakhtiari, Hangry Planet states every store product is vetted to ensure it is sustainable and cruelty-free. 

Among the store’s vast offerings, customers can enjoy vegan hot cocoa and golden milk from a Laird’s Superfoods machine, Oatly soft serve ice cream, organic vegan pastries and donuts, and a wide range of candy bars, sodas and potato chips. On the savory side, Hangry Planet serves grab-and-go meals like the Hangry Bliss Breakfast sando (Beyond Meat, JUST Egg and Follow Your Heart Cheese on a gluten-free bagel), plant-based jerky, Annie Chun’s noodle bowls and Daiya burritos. 

Hangry Planet Plant-Based Foods Mart
©Hangry Planet

Moved by compassion

“Coming across an undercover investigation into organic dairy farms by Animal Recovery Mission and then reviewing the prolific global work of Animal Equality was like being zapped by a truth taser that left me sporadically sobbing for weeks,” Bakhtiari said. “What I learned of the systematic and fundamentally abusive practices on factory farms, alongside severe environmental consequences, inspired me to transition Hangry Planet to be North America’s first fully plant-based convenience store.”

He adds, “It’s time for retail to robustly advocate for sustainability, animal welfare and healthy products that aren’t derived from abusing animals.” 

Hangry Planet Hot Case
©Hangry Planet

Having an impact

According to the store, ten percent of every sale is donated to charities that support both animal and human rights. Commenting on Bakhtiari’s colorful retail concept, Sharon Núñez, president and co-founder of Animal Equality, stated: “We are humbled to know our message is having a fundamental impact within retail, inspiring Hangry Planet to trailblaze a new paradigm for plant-based convenience stores.”

Hangry Planet is located at 1199 El Camino Real in San Bruno, CA.

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