Hong Kong University Offers Course Dedicated to Plant-based Studies

Lee Woo Sing College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), in collaboration with the Green Monday Foundation, have announced their first credit-bearing course dedicated to the study of plant-based lifestyle.

The General Education course “Future of Food: Plant-based Living” will be open to all Lee Woo Sing College students in CUHK and will cover numerous topics for discussion, including the livestock industry and global warming, plant-based nutrition and disease prevention, and animal ethics.

Prof. Joseph Kwong, Dean of General Education at Lee Woo Sing College, stated, “Lee Woo Sing College has always been a pioneer in promoting green living on campus. We are pleased to partner with Green Monday, the advocator of vegetarianism in Hong Kong. […] In addition to the general lectures, the elements of cooking and field trips are added to the course. Students are expected to experience the fun and benefits of a vegetarian diet which will help them reflect on the pros and cons of the modern diet.”

Mr. David Yeung, founder of Green Monday, added: “Climate change and sustainable development are essential subjects in General Education. […] It is hoped that other institutes and schools will follow in CUHK’s footsteps to launch similar courses because time is not on our side and immediate actions are needed to arouse the awareness of the general public on climate crisis.”

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