Study Reveals Impact of Veganuary in UK and Netherlands

Marketing research firm Toluna surveyed consumers in the Netherlands and the UK on the impact of Veganuary on their diets in 2023.

To find out just how much the trend has caught on, the Toluna Germany team conducted a survey of Veganuary participants in the UK and the Netherlands for the second year running. The results of the survey, which was conducted among consumers on 21 and 22 January, show that the consumption of vegan food continues to rise.

Participation and overall impact

In the 2022 Toluna Veganuary study, an increase in popularity was noted compared to 2021. However, this figure stagnated in 2023. In the UK, 54% of consumers said they were thinking about participating in the Veganuary – similar to the 55% who said this in 2022.


With almost two-thirds (64%) of consumers believing that vegan food is more expensive than other products, survey respondents were asked if the cost of living crisis had affected their participation in Veganuary. Although a valid question given the circumstances, it was found that this did not matter to most respondents.

While the growth in Veganuary participation itself is stagnant compared to the previous year, the results of the study showed promising signs of the overall impact of the Veganuary on consumer diets. In terms of overall meat consumption, more than a third (36%) of those describing themselves as “meat eaters” were found to be consuming less meat than a year ago. On the other hand, almost half (47%) of those who eat a vegan diet said they had increased their consumption of vegan foods in the last year. And of those participating in Veganuary, 60% said they ate less or no meat in the following months.

quorn proteins in meatballs, pasta served at a big meal
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The brands that play a central role in the Veganuary

When asked about the brands that come to mind when consumers think of the Veganuary, three meat alternative brands were the clear winners: Quorn, Linda McCartney’s and Beyond Meat.

Consumers are not only turning to meat alternatives, but also increasingly to dairy alternatives. Alpro is the most popular brand in the category here, according to the study, followed by Oatly and Almond Breeze.


Consumers are also looking outside grocery shops for vegan alternatives. In fact, three-quarters of respondents (76%) said they expect fast food restaurants to have vegan options on the menu year-round. When asked which restaurants they would be most likely to visit on the occasion of Veganuary, the most popular brands were Greggs, McDonald’s and Subway.

Veganuary in the Netherlands

The study also determined the extent to which Veganuary has grown in popularity in the Netherlands. Although no increase in the general awareness of the Veganuary was found here, it could nevertheless gain relevance in the future. Among those who did not participate in the Veganuary in 2023, the intention to participate in the future increased by 5% compared to the previous year.

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