InnovoPro and Milkadamia Debut Chickpea-Based Ice Cream at United Nations

InnovoPro, a producer of chickpea protein solutions, and plant-based brand Milkdamia have partnered to create dairy-free ice cream made with InnovoPro’s CP-Pro 70® protein. The two companies were invited to showcase the ice cream at the United Nations event for foreign Ambassadors on May 12th, in association with Israel’s Permanent Mission to the UN and The Good Food Institute.

“Re-imagining our relationship with protein doesn’t just start with meat”

The new plant-based ice cream blends InnovoPro’s breakthrough protein technology and Milkadamia’s rich macadamia nut ice cream to create a flavorful profile with a natural texture. Thanks to the unique functionality of chickpea protein, the ice cream is able to offer a cleaner label than most comparable desserts, with no soy, gluten or GMOs. Milkadamia is also planning to launch a new line of soft-serve ice cream this summer. 

Milkadamia Milk Cartons

Sustainable ice cream

InnovoPro was one of multiple sustainable food tech companies to showcase products at the UN event, which celebrated Israel’s Independence Day with a special sampling of alt-protein products by several Israeli food startups. Participating companies included Remilk, MeaTech and Supermeat

“Milkadamia is an innovator in the plant-based foods sector. Milkadamia is compelled by the trajectory of climate forecasts to embrace plant protein, while aggressively championing the eco-pertinence of plant-based foods and regenerative agriculture,” said Jim Richards, CEO and Founder of Milkadamia.

InnovoPro at United Nations

A special occasion

“Re-imagining our relationship with protein doesn’t just start with meat. It also includes desserts, which to us represents the first sweet and chewy bite of our vegan chocolate chip cookies and Milkadamia’s fantastic chickpea protein ice cream,” said Taly Nechushtan, CEO of InnovoPro. “They’re more environmentally friendly and sustainable than the vast majority of desserts, and we’re thrilled to be able to partner with Milkadamia on this special occasion of Israel’s independence.”

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