Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Appoints Vegan Activist as Advisor

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Tal Gilboa, an animal liberation and vegan activist who founded Israeli Animal Liberation Front – now renamed as Total Liberation – has been appointed by Benjamin Netanyahu to advise him on animal rights. Ms Gilboa, who was a previous winner on the Israeli Big Brother, said it was “a historic day for animals.”

Israel is the second most vegan country in the world, with a reported vegan population of 13%. The prime minister was rumoured to be interested in veganism back in 2013, and has appointed Gilboa due to his growing interest in compassion towards animals.

Netanyahu said in a video statement, “I have asked Tal Gilboa to be my adviser on matters of animal rights […] It is a subject which has gradually become more and more dear to my heart.

“I have been influenced by my family, by books which I have read, by Tal herself and I must add, by my dog Kaya.  My connection with Kaya, seeing how she understands things, witnessing her feelings and here motions have all had a profound effect on me.

“We have therefore begun implementing changes in government policies through various means in recent years and we will continue to do with greater intensity in the next government.”

Ms Gilboa has said that she would like to raise awareness of animal suffering and have an influence in governmental involvement with dairy and poultry farming.

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