Marc Coloma, CEO of Heura Foods, Sends Message to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez

It was not long ago that Spain‘s Minister for Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, caused a stir by suggesting that the public cut down on meat consumption. In response, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez contradicted Garzón by stating that “un chuletón al punto es imbatible” – meaning “a perfectly done steak is unbeatable”.

The minister’s assertion and the Spanish head of state’s response was a stimulus for conversation about meat consumption, not just among the public, but at all levels of power in the country. But perhaps the most vocal voice was that of Marc Coloma, the creator of Heura, the fast-growing Spanish vegan meat company.


“I would say to the Prime Minister that Heura al punto is the best way to continue enjoying a steak, but aligning the environmental and health strategy that governments themselves have,” Coloma said at Business Insider Spain’s 17th Smart Business Meeting.

To get the message across to its followers, Heura expressed the following on its Instagram account: “Science to the point… that (yes) is unbeatable. Less testosterone and more science to tackle big humanitarian, environmental and social justice challenges.”

The Catalan brand has become famous for its bold and fearless messages. Last year, the company put up a huge billboard in the centre of Madrid with the message: “A beef burger pollutes more than your car.” Although the controversy forced the company to remove the ad in December, Heura seems was granted permission by the Spanish courts to continue its activism during the proceedings.

Heura billboard in Madrid Photo Credit Heura Foods
Heura billboard in Madrid Photo Credit Heura Foods

According to Greenpeace data, 71% of agricultural land in the European Union is used to feed livestock. This industry contributes up to 18% of global greenhouse gases, according to data from Oxford University. According to the World Resources Institute, the transport sector contributes 14% of global greenhouse gases.

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