Million Dollar Vegan is Giving Away Free Vegan Food in Madrid Tomorrow, 12th February

International organisation Million Dollar Vegan, originally founded by Matthew Glover of Veganuary, Veg Capital, and VFC, will be handing out 400 vegan Pad Thai at Romero Verde’s El Obradoiro restaurant in central Madrid this Friday 12 February. The food will be donated from 12 noon to 5 pm by Foods for Tomorrow, the parent company of Barcelona-based Heura Foods.

“Participating in the Amor de barrio action is a good fortune and a privilege because we will be able to reach more people in the neighbourhood through our cuisine,” says Sonia Romero, one of the chefs and co-founders of El Obradoiro de Romero Verde, together with Carmen Romaní.

Million Dollar Vegan Spain
© Million Dollar Vegan

Their vegan restaurant business has faced difficulties due to the health crisis, like so many others. Nowadays, the restaurant located in the famous Malasaña neighbourhood serves takeaway food on a daily basis. “Many people, who have never been interested or curious about veganism and plant-based food, will try two complete, very tasty and protein-packed dishes: our Pad Thai and Heura’s Dürum.”

Million Dollar Vegan continues to prepare free 100% plant-based menus in order to raise awareness about veganism, the relationship of factory farming to pandemics, excessive deforestation and climate change.

Moved by the severe social crisis that is ravaging the world, this international NGO began in March last year to donate free meals in collaboration with different humanitarian organisations in 14 countries.

Million Dollar Vegan
© Million Dollar Vegan

As part of their campaign #QuitemosLasPandemiasDelMenú, they combine their outreach and communication work with these regular food donation actions, whose goal is to reach one million donated meals by 2022.

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