Newly Founded “Plant-Based Product Council” Advocates Sustainable Products and Packaging

The Plant Based Products Council (PBPC) is a new association of companies and environmental leaders committed to sustainable products and packaging made from plant materials. The PBPC was founded at the California Bioresource Economy Summit in California, with the goal of promoting the use of sustainable products made from renewable biomass to protect the environment.

“Recognizing that the ever-growing global demand for consumer goods and convenient packaging poses a serious threat to our environment, the Plant Based Products Council is encouraging the introduction and use of renewable biomass products,” the Council said in a statement. “The Council will advocate private-sector programs and government action to promote the use of renewable resources, including measures to reduce CO2 emissions, improve water quality and soil health, and limit solid waste destined for landfill.”

Last year, the Council carried out a survey among millennials on bioplastics. According to the survey, 48% of millennials are aware of their CO2 footprint and want to use less plastic. The survey also found that 64% of millennials were interested in plastic alternatives, while 60% said they were surprised by the lack of alternatives.

To provide a platform for collaboration, the Plant Based Products Council has launched a database of more than 480 plant-based products, which is to be expanded in the future.

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