Research Shows Majority of American Plant-Based Consumers are Meat Eaters

Market intelligence firm Numerator has released data related to sales trends based on instore sales of Beyond Meat, and the sales of Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods in restaurants. The Numerator research reveals some surprising US consumer habits.

Based on the research, almost half (48%) of consumers who purchased meat alternatives come from households who are entirely meat-eaters. After questioning the study group, Numerator suggests to brands wanting to join the plantbased space, to prioritize firstly health benefits, then environmental sustainability, as these were the main drivers for meat-eaters who try these products, along with pure curiosity: improve health (70%), curiosity (45%), reduce impact on the environment (41%), and ethical reasons (32%).

Impossible Burger
© Impossible Foods
The study also found that the target group who purchase such products were, on average, educated urban millenials in a high earning bracket, spread across various ethnicities. Typically these consumers are single and childless, and most are purchasing the meat alternatives for themselves (93%), with 45% purchasing for a partner and 28% for their children.
In general, meat-eaters are pleased with the plantbased products that they try: 62% of consumers who sample such products said they were very or extremely satisfied, 83% said they would recommend them to someone else, and 81% said they would try other plant-based meat alternatives. Recommendations from family and friends was the primary reason given for awareness about each brand or product. Cost-effectiveness was the main concern around continuing to purchase these products.
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