Study Says 6.4 million Canadians Have Restricted or Eliminated Meat

According to a new survey, 6.4 million Canadians (17%) have already restricted or eliminated meat from their diets, while a third of the population plan to do so in the following six months.

49% of the 1,027 adults surveyed said they consume meat or meat-containing products daily, 40% said they eat meat only once or twice a week, 2% considered themselves vegetarians, 1% lacto-ovo vegetarians and 1% vegans.

51% said they would be willing to consider reducing meat in the future. Both genders identified health benefits as reason for doing so, although women and younger people were more concerned about animal welfare. Women were also more likely to agree that meat is replaceable with other sources of protein.

These findings come as Health Canada prepares to release their latest food guide in November. The guide is expected to lean more towards vegan diet. In its guiding principles, released earlier this year, Health Canada urged a shift to a high proportion of plant-based foods, without necessarily excluding animal foods.

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