SuperMeat Survey Reveals Nearly 90% of US Chefs Would Serve Cultivated Meat

A new survey conducted by food tech company SuperMeat discovered that 86% of American chefs are interested in serving cultivated meats, poultry or seafood to customers. 

“It is great to see the interest and positivity from the professional culinary community for cultivated meat”

Conducted with market research consultancy Censuswide, the survey polled opinions from 251 US chefs and food professionals. The results found: 

  • 86% of chefs are interested in serving cultivated meat or poultry, with 22% of those saying they are “very interested”
  • 84% would consider replacing conventional meat with cultivated meat on their menus if pricing were similar
  • 77% would be willing to pay a premium for cultivated meats, with two-thirds willing to pay 11-15% more

Those surveyed indicated food safety, concerns for the environment and customer demand were top motivators for adding cultivated meat to their menus. 

Chicken is top choice

When assessing different types of meat, 51% of chefs were most interested in tasting cultivated poultry. However, the study found notable differences in meat preference according to region and restaurant type, with beef and exotic meats a top choice for Southern chefs (44%) and pork the top preference for fine dining chefs (52%). 

For chefs serving  American cuisine or working in fast food, chicken also ranked as the top choice (64% and 62%), while chefs cooking Italian cuisine leaned toward seafood (56%); chefs focused on Japanese, French and Indian cuisines favored exotic meats. 

Supermeat Cultured Chicken Restaurant

Rising demand

Across the country, 65% of chefs reported increased demand for meat alternatives in the last five years. In particular, 87% of restaurants in the Midwest and 82% of fast food establishments reported a rise in interest for meat alternatives. 

  • 86% of chefs who cook mainly Japanese cuisine saw an increased demand for meat alternatives
  • 60% of chefs say they use plant-based ingredients to create their own alternative options, and 45% use packaged/ off-the-shelf plant-based meat alternatives
  • 80% would consider cultivated meat in place of meat alternatives, if they were an option

The survey also reveals a high level of optimism toward the expected launch of cultivated meats and poultry, with 79% believing such products will begin to enter restaurants and the mainstream hospitality industry within one year. 

SuperMeat cultivated chicken

Ready for mainstream

 “It is great to see the interest and positivity from the professional culinary community for cultivated meat,” says Ido Savir, CEO of SuperMeat. “This demonstrates that chefs are more than intrigued by cultivated meat, understand the benefits, and are ready to see it served in mainstream dining. SuperMeat is thrilled to continue our work to commercialize cultivated meat products and be among the first to bring these options to menus across the US.”

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