This Week in Food: Plant-Based Fish and Investing in Vegan Convenience Foods are Trending

As per our observations since the beginning of 2020, plantbased business is fast becoming the smart place for investors to put their money and this is obviously no longer a secret. In addition, plantbased fish is trending, according to Food Hack.

The platform’s This Week In Food lists recent success stories from Alpha Foods, which secured $28 million last week; delivery service AllPlants, which raised 2 million pounds in just 2 days; and TheVeganKind, which raised £400K in a funding round last week, amongst others.

The What We’re Reading section also references a rise in plantbased fish, which is becoming increasingly successful amongst consumers and investors this year, but warns reports have “indicated that the big fish were about to wade in and take over the pond.”

Since this week has already seen Nestle’s announcement about its coming plantbased tuna product, which will reportedly go to shelves this year, the warning rings true. 2020 may well be the year for investment into vegan startups and small businesses, but Big Food knows that this is the market of the future and is gradually taking over.

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