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Celebrity Cruises to Offer Seven-Course Plant-Based Menu Aboard New Ship

Premium cruise line Celebrity Cruises has announced that a seven-course plant-based tasting menu will be available on board its new ship, Celebrity Ascent.

Served in the ship’s signature restaurant, the menu is said to give customers the opportunity to “experience global cuisine in its most pristine and untouched form”. The dishes will include minimally processed ingredients sourced from their original places of origin; example menu items are Golden Beet-Tomato Ceviche, Ajoblanco Panna Cotta, Roasted and Glazed Celeriac Steak, and Dry Rose Petals Masala Curry.

The plant-based dishes will also be available a la carte, with the option to pair them with vegan and organic wines.

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“Delighting every guest”

The news comes just a month after German cruise line AIDA opened primarily plant-based restaurants on board three of its ships. The company said it was responding to increasing customer demand for plant-based options.

“The memories we make with family and friends while sharing food and drink have long been one of the most memorable parts of travel, and with Celebrity Ascent we sought every opportunity to make these experiences richer and even more exciting for our guests,” says Laura Hodges Bethge, President of Celebrity Cruises. “On board Ascent there is something to delight every guest, whether it is the fine dining connoisseur with a palate for the world’s best wines, the couple looking for an intimate and romantic night out, the family that desires to bond with their kids over a fun and high-energy experience, or the wellness-minded traveler desiring more plant-based, healthy options.”

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