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China Airlines Debuts Plant-Based Inflight Menu Featuring Vegan Fish Fillet & Meat Alternatives

China Airlines has announced a new plant-based inflight menu for travellers across all cabins on flights departing Taiwan. Called Clean and Green Plant-Based Cuisine, the menu will be served from December 1st, 2022.

To create the plant-based options, the airline partnered with Taiwanese restaurant Yang Ming Spring, which has received the Michelin Green Star award for two consecutive years in recognition of its plant-based foods, beverages, and careful ingredient selection. China Pacific Catering Services and Kaohsiung Airport Catering Services of the CAL Group also participated in developing the menu.

Business-class menu

The inflight meal for this passenger group features dishes made with a selection of vegetables and fresh ingredients.


  • Spring platter salad featuring yam noodles in fruit salsa
  • Okra with black bean and sesame sauce
  • Cucumber in pine nut miso
  • Stone flowers with orange and apple sauce

Main dishes 

  • Ruffle risotto and vegan fish fillet with wholegrain mustard
  • Shou Wu nourishing soup made from more than ten precious traditional herbs
china airlines' economy class plant-based menu
© China Airlines

Economy-class meals

These travellers will also be able to enjoy high-quality plant-based meals on their flights.


  • Fruit salsa
  • Cucumber in pine nut miso
  • Okra with orange and apple sauce

Main dishes (only one offered per flight at random)

  • Vegan conchiglie bolognese
  • Plant-based meat and quinoa rice with cream sauce
  • Curry-stewed rice with king oyster mushroom
  • Braised plant-based meat and turmeric rice

Many airlines are now offering vegan and plant-based meals as they try to commit to becoming more environmentally friendly. All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and United Airlines have all introduced plant-based meals as a way of responding to consumer demand and improving sustainability.

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