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Heura and Iberojet Collaborate to Bring Tutti Foods Vegan Lasagne to Onboard Menu

Heura and Iberojet, the Spanish / Portuguese charter airline, recently collaborated to add a 100% plant-based lasagne dish to its onboard menus.

The vegan Bolognese lasagne, made with Heura‘s vegetable protein meat, fresh egg-free pasta sheets, cauliflower-based béchamel sauce and grated vegan cheese, has been available since January 9 on 40% of flights departing from Spain and Portugal.

“Iberojet makes available to all passengers a 100% vegetable dish suitable for vegans, turning into a commodity an option which is usually offered as a premium category or special offer,” says Director of Customer Experience Juan José Salgueiro of Iberojet.

This initiative has been possible thanks to the alliance between Tutti Food Group, a company specialized in the production of frozen ready meals, and Heura, the leading company in the sale of vegan products in Spain.

Heura picada
© Heura

Tutti Food Group’s Marketing Manager, Eduardo Astarriaga, comments: “We have managed to give a twist to the traditional Bolognese lasagna, eliminating all animal ingredients such as milk to make the béchamel, meat for the filling or the egg present in the pasta sheets”.

“With this agreement we open up a new range of possibilities, offering new options to consumers in spaces where traditionally there have never been any, acting as a key tool to drive their principles. Under our motto ‘no choices, no freedom’, we give an alternative to those who do not want to give up their favourite traditions and flavours, but want to do so in a healthier and more sustainable way,” comments Marc Coloma, activist, co-founder and CEO of Heura Foods.

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