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Vegan Travel Association Hosts Third Vegan Travel Summit With Free Admission

The Vegan Travel Association has announced it will be hosting a seven-day Vegan Travel Summit from January 22-28.

The virtual event, which is being held for the third time, will feature 35 speakers with a focus on supporting and engaging vegan travellers. Travel companies will also attend, showcasing their vegan-friendly offerings. It is hoped that the summit will not just inspire vegan travellers, but also help businesses to connect with potential customers.

Based in Canada but open to businesses worldwide, the Vegan Travel Association is a collective of professionals supporting vegan travellers and travel businesses. Its founding members are Vegan Vacations, Green Earth Travel, World Vegan Travel, Vegan Travel Asia, Vegan Travel Club, and Margie Travels.

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“More than a way of eating”

Travel companies worldwide are slowly beginning to cater to vegans, with German rail company Deutsche Bahn recently launching new Veganuary options. Air Canada introduced its first vegan in-flight meals and snacks last month, and China Airlines also now offers a plant-based menu. Japanese airline ANA has gone a step further, announcing plans to use vegan leather for its aircraft seats.

“Veganism is more than just a way of eating,” said Jason McGregor, owner of Vegan Vacations. “Vegan travel means you will not be faced with any element of your vacation having an adverse action on animal life — no leather chairs in the room, no feather pillows or comforters on the bed, no “tested on animal” hygiene products in the bathroom and dining options that are designed to support vegan health. The days of only accommodating vegans by removing elements from regular menu items are behind us.”

The summit will be held online via the software Hey Summit, making it accessible to participants worldwide. Tickets are free, but the number is limited, so those interested are encouraged to register as soon as possible.

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