• UK: Campaigns Against Animal Testing Reach an Important Milestone

    People have often voiced their opposition to animal testing and campaigns have been launched from many angles. Recently, however, the campaign leaders of a global anti-animal testing campaign in the cosmetics industry have taken an important step towards an animal testing ban.

    A debate was held about Britain’s role in the global animal testing ban, led by Dr. Lisa Cameron (member of the Scottish National Party). This was very well-received by all parties in their appeal to stop animal testing. Cruelty-Free International, which has long awaited progress on this important issue, was particularly pleased about this.

    A spokesman said: “Animal testing in the cosmetics industry has been banned in the UK since 1997 and in the EU since 2013. This already saves thousands of animals and prevents unnecessary animal suffering. Despite this encouraging development, over 80 percent of countries worldwide still allow the cosmetics industry to carry out animal experiments”.

    New testing methods are more reliable

    Cameron also added that modern testing methods without the use of animals are even more relevant and reliable. These methods make it possible, for example, to predict allergic reactions much more specifically and accurately.

    Cameron also received encouragement from her party colleague Patricia Gibson, who acknowledged that a British animal testing freeze did not yet mean a worldwide freeze but was nevertheless “a strong and forward-looking step in the right direction.” These statements were prompted above all by the increasing ethical demands that consumers are already making today. As a result, the cosmetics industry will soon have to follow customers’ wishes.

    All parties agreed that solutions are now being sought to help the United Nations enforce global laws. These directives should be appropriate for industry, animals and consumers alike and put an end to the cruel, unnecessary and outdated practice of animal testing.

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