Vegan Leaders Launches Third Phase of Corporate Initiatives Support Program

The new cohort of participants is starting their 6-month journey with the Vegan Leaders Corporate Initiatives Support Program (VLCI SP), offered by Vegan Leaders in Corporate Management (VLCM).

The program, offered free of charge, helps create employee-led vegan initiatives. Those could include launching a plant-based employee resource group, working with the company cafeteria to improve vegan offerings, or working with HR to roll out a plant-based nutrition program on site.

“There are three main reasons why we don’t see more vegan and plant-based initiatives in corporations. People are either afraid to ask for it, or they don’t have time, or they tried with no success. We decided to tackle all these obstacles by introducing VLCI SP in 2018.” explains the VLCM founder and a long-time pioneer of the corporate vegan movement Darina Bockman.

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The program connects participants with a dedicated coach and peers through video calls and other collaboration platforms. The mentors either have experience with corporate vegan activism or are professional coaches who graciously volunteered to work with program participants.

“Our Corporate Initiatives are designed to empower vegans in their workplaces using a detailed template which we help to customise for every leader who joins the program,” introduces the program VLCM Board Member and founder of Citizen Kind, the first the world’s first vegan recruitment agency Emma Osborne. “By working with a coach to support their progress and connecting them with others in their organisations; we enable them to create powerful and impactful change to the diversity and inclusion profile of their company whilst improving the health and wellness environment for all their colleagues.”

The third cohort of initiative leaders is starting in September 2019. All current participants work at companies with more than 1,000 employers. The cohort includes participants in Portugal, India and the US. The common desire for this cohort is to improve vegan options in the cafeteria.

The program may still accommodate 1-2 additional participants if they enroll by early September.

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